Graduate Student Funding and Support

Paying for Books, Travel and Personal Expenses

Your Cost of Attendance budget includes allowances for your books, travel and/or personal expenses depending on your program.

These allowances are estimates; a student’s actual expenses may be slightly higher or lower than what is covered by your overall funding. Students are not required to submit receipts or any documentation to the Office of Financial Aid to substantiate their actual expenses. However, if a student would like to explore the option of borrowing additional loan funds to cover expenses that exceed the standard allowance, documentation must be provided. This can be done through our Loan Eligibility Appeals process. A financial aid counselor can discuss this option and provide information regarding the feasibility of borrowing loan funds to cover expenses in excess of the standard allowance for books, travel and personal expenses.

Students who have applied for financial aid, whose loans and/or program funds exceed the amount billed, may receive a refund to assist with these expenses. Refunds will not be available until late September. Most students will be responsible for paying these expenses out-of-pocket, as part of the expected family contribution (EFC) toward total educational expenses. Students should plan to arrive on-campus with enough funding to purchase first-semester books and any necessary personal items and supplies. Suggestions that may help you meet these expenses:

  • Pre-College Savings: Use any educational savings for college expenses for your initial indirect costs.
  • Bookstore Account: Your Brown ID Card can be used as a charge account at the Brown University Bookstore. This will allow you to purchase your books upon arrival. However, if you do not pay off this account within 30 days, you will incur finance charges. This option works best for students who are expecting a refund after their financial aid is applied to their account.